How To Remove Your Gripframe
We'll be removing the grip frame from my personal 45 Colt Ruger
Blackhawk (which is basically a Super Blackhawk now with a new
hammer and grip frame.  The parts are all removed the same.
The first step, after checking to ensure the cylinder is clear of all
ammunition, is to remove the grip panels.  All of my grip panels are
now shipped with a white plastic spacer which prevents over
tightening the grip screw and cracking the grips.  
Next, cock the hammer and insert a small nail or pin in the hole at
the base of the hammer strut.  This will hold the spring tension so
the strut and spring assembly can be removed later.  
Now, remove the two screws in the ears of the grip frame.  They
may be anywhere from super tight to very loose.  
Remove the two screws to the rear of the trigger first; remove the
small screw in front of the trigger guard last.  Hold the grip frame
onto the revolver.
I like to place the screws together as I remove them to remember
where they go back into.  You'll have the advantage of the next web
page to reinstall the grip frame.  
Do not lose this spring and plunger assembly!
Do not lose this spring and plunger assembly!
This is how your grip frame will look once freed from the rest of
the revolver.
The hammer strut and spring assembly can now be removed from
the grip frame.
Lift the legs of the trigger spring off of their perch.
Drive out the hammer spring pin and remove the spring.
Here is what you'll have in front of you after completing the
previous steps.  With the exception of the grip frame, you've
packaged that up to send to me.  :)
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