How To Install Your Grip Frame
The first step to reinstalling your grip frame is to install the trigger
spring.  Note the orientation in the picture.
Slide the spring into position and install the pin.  Do not hook the
spring legs onto the perch just yet.
Next we need to install the hammer strut assembly into the grip
frame.  Note the orientation in the picture.  
Slide the hammer strut and spring assembly into its window in the
grip frame.
Install the pawl spring and plunger assembly into its hole in the
After you've got the front of the grip frame lined up, rotate it to
make contact with the revolver.  Note that there is a gap between
the grip frame and revolver.
Install the cylinder latch plunger and spring into the hole into the
grip frame.  
This is by far the most difficult step of the whole process.  The
cylinder latch plunger needs to push against the cylinder latch.  This
can be tricky to keep together as you assemble the grip frame back
onto the revolver.  
While making sure that the cylinder latch plunger is pressed against
the cylinder latch, begin installing the grip frame starting with the
This is the reason for the gap.  The trigger spring needs to be
positioned behind the trigger and up onto its perch.  
Once the trigger spring is in place, press the rear of the grip frame
against the revolver.  
Use a small screwdriver to press the spring up into place.  Make
sure not to let the grip frame separate from the revolver!  Doing so
will make the cylinder latch plunger lose contact with the latch.  
This is the last trick to reinstalling the grip frame.  The trigger group
pin shown is held in place by the longest screw.  The screw must be
installed into the hole that allows it to capture the pin.  It will not fit
into any other hole!
I start the two small screws into the ears first.  Screw them most of
the way down but do not tighten yet.
All images on this page are thumbnails.  Click to view a larger image.
Install the remaining screws and snug them down.  Do not over
tighten them.  A small dab of blue Loc-Tite will keep them from
coming undone.  Cock the hammer back to remove the nail holding
back the hammer strut.  I only use one leg of the trigger spring to
lighten trigger pull.  Do so at your own risk!

All that remains is to install your new grips and perform a function
check.  Fully cock the hammer back and check for cylinder
rotation.  The hammer should catch in the cocked position.  
Squeeze the trigger; the hammer should fall.  Make sure the loading
gate opens and prevents the hammer from being cocked.  Lastly,
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