Ruger Single Action Grip Frames
Over the years, Ruger has used five (5) basic grip frame designs.  While there have been a few
oddities, the basic shapes can be described best as the XR3, "New XR3", XR3-RED, Super
Blackhawk Dragoon style, Birdshead, and Bisley.

I am currently only accepting orders for the first three profiles: XR3, "New XR3", and
XR3-RED.  Usage to the best of my knowledge is described below.

- XR3 -
Ruger introduced the XR3 grip frame in 1953 with the introduction of the Blackhawk revolver.  
This grip frame remained in production until 1963 when it was replaced with the XR3-RED
(redesigned) grip frame.

- XR3-RED -
Ruger introduced the XR3-RED grip frame design in 1962 and uses variants of the original design
still today.  This is by far the most common Ruger grip frame since it has been used on a variety
of single action revolvers.  Grips made to fit the XR3-RED grip frame will fit the following
Ruger single action revolvers: Blackhawk, New Model Blackhawk, Vaquero, Single Six, Super
Single Six, Old Army, and 4-5/8" and 5-1/2" barreled Super Blackhawks.

- "New XR3" -
Ruger replaced the Vaquero in 2004 with the New Vaquero.    The New Vaquero was designed
to better suit the needs of the action shooters out there and was equipped with a slightly
modified version of the XR3 grip frame.  The grips are not directly interchangeable between the
two grip frames.  Ruger also used this grip frame on the 357 Magnum 50th Anniversary
Blackhawks in 2005, the 44 Magnum 50th Anniversary Blackhawks in 2006,  all 44 Special
Blackhawks, and all modern production flattop Blackhawks.